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Milwaukee-born and Minneapolis-based, I have always been influenced by urban art spanning from grungy graffiti and industrial architecture to refined editorial magazines and downtown art shows. My favorite thing about cities is the chaotic symphony of old and new. Mixing a multitude of time periods, materials, styles, textures, and patterns creates a dynamic mess of inspiration for me. 


I discovered this harmony of beautiful disorder in my art by blending various different mediums. I combine my drawings with found images, materials, paints, markers, pens, and anything else that piques my interest. And now a professional graphic designer, I am adding another medium to experiment pushing boundaries with. 


Not only am I drawn to the adventure of art and design, but also the literal adventure of exploring. As an avid traveler and social justice advocate, I am passionate about bringing people together through visual storytelling. This started me on my journey to design my own degree, earning a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Anthropology, Journalism, Studies in Cinema & Media Culture, and Interdisciplinary Design. While working toward my dream of being an artist and media maker for social justice activism, I continue to produce visual art that provides representation, promotes understanding, and makes an impact. 


When I'm not creating or traveling, I enjoy going for hikes and long walks, tending to my houseplants, kickboxing and playing tennis, cuddling with my cat Kiki, learning about art history, drinking lots of matcha lattes, reading books, and cooking experimental vegan recipes.

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